THE CHALLENGE: As Entera Dental was getting ready to open for patients, they wanted to start off on the right foot with amazing branding with a strategy behind it. Entera is not your average dental office. They don’t just care about about your teeth, they want their patients to experience life to the fullest. Their brand is very modern and classy and they needed branding that was so much more than a cartoon tooth holding a toothbrush to really connect with their audience.

THE SOLUTION: To connect with a higher end clientele, we gathered inspiration from modern, design driven brands and imagery. Since it is a dental office, the brand needed to reflect cleanliness and trust; two very important things when you’re choosing a dentist. Entera is a Spanish word meaning “whole”, so I wanted to reflect that intuitively by incorporating a circle into the branding. I also portrayed the cleanliness of the brand by using a lot of whitespace and contrast.


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