THE CHALLENGE: Lounge and Liv is a house dress company run by two amazing women. Their mission is to assist busy women through every stage of their full lives, and to help them feel beautiful while also staying comfortable. As a happy customer, I can tell you that they have done just that! During our strategy session, we discovered that while their current branding was cute, it wasn’t really communicating the message that they needed it to. They needed something that really told their brand’s story and reflected the quality of their products. The challenge here was capturing the feminine, playful side of the brand while also portraying that they have a high quality product with a modern feel. Their website was a similar story. They needed their website to reflect their brand and be able to grow with them. Overall they just needed a refresh and for their website to be a little easier to use.

THE SOLUTION: I represented the modern, relatable, clean and polished vibe of this brand by using a bold sans-serif typeface, while the hand drawn ampersand implies the playful, feminine, cute side. Since their brand is built around a product that makes life easier, I wanted to reflect that ease of use in their website. I simplified the layout a little by making the dresses more skim-able and organizing them into categories. I also implemented more “shop now” buttons and moved their personal information down further so that people who were interested could read more about them, but people who were there just to shop could find what they were looking for quickly.