CHALLENGE: Zella’s House is an Airbnb in Heber City, Utah that was built in 1892! Camille restored it to it’s original glory with a modern twist and the result is to die for. From the original wood floors, to the fresh paint, to original hardware, to the hint of Victorian architecture, Zella’s House is not your average Airbnb. And the best part is that the house once belonged to Camille’s great grandparents! Camille needed a brand strategy and identity to communicate the story behind Zella’s House and set this house apart from all the other Airbnbs. One challenge I had with the project was capturing the elegance of the victorian elements, while also incorporating the simple and humble personality of the house. While gathering inspiration for the moodboard, it was hard for me to stay away from the fancier and more ornate victorian images. The buzzwords I kept in mind from the discovery were victorian, modern, clean, cozy, black and white, and minimal.

SOLUTION: Through out the discovery process, Camille communicated to me that something really unique and special about the house is the subtle details reminiscent of the Victorian era. After she sent me this picture of the original front doorknob, I knew I needed to incorporate it into the branding somehow. I did countless sketches of the exterior of the house and the front doorknob. Most were just too detailed and busy. When designing logos I often start off big with more details and then simplify until I have a solid mark that communicates as much as possible using as little as possible. I started to focus on the small details of the doorknob and voila! I was able to pick out a distinguishing feature from the doorknob that I think has the perfect balance of fancy and simple.

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